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black stuff

Opium (1940s+ Narcotics)
(also black velvet) A black woman or women as sex partner(s), esp for a white man; poon tang •Black velvet is found in Australian and New Zealand slang in the 1890s (1960s+)

Contemporary Examples

Running the Republicans Stanley Crouch March 5, 2009
‘black-ish’ Keeps It Real about the Invisible Black Man Judnick Mayard September 23, 2014
‘black-ish’ Keeps It Real about the Invisible Black Man Judnick Mayard September 23, 2014

Historical Examples

Peak and Prairie Anna Fuller
Virgin Soil Ivan S. Turgenev
The Trail Boys on the Plains Jay Winthrop Allen
The Promised Land Mary Antin
Mohawks, Volume 1 of 3 Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Gilded Age, Complete Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner
With a Reservist in France F. A. Bolwell


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