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a tree, Juglans nigra, of North America, having pinnate leaves and dark-brown bark and bearing an edible nut covered by a thick green or brown husk.
the nut of this tree.
the wood of this tree, valued in furniture-making.
Historical Examples

Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume X Various
On the Stairs Henry B. Fuller
My Friend Annabel Lee Mary MacLane
The Transgression of Andrew Vane Guy Wetmore Carryl
Miss Mehetabel’s Son Thomas Bailey Aldrich
In The Boyhood of Lincoln Hezekiah Butterworth
Aunt Crete’s Emancipation Grace Livingston Hill
Romance of California Life

John Habberton
Among the Trees at Elmridge Ella Rodman Church

a North American walnut tree, Juglans nigra, with hard dark wood and edible oily nuts
the valuable wood of this tree, used for cabinet work
the nut of this tree


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