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a bituminous substance, usually asphalt, for paving roads, parking lots, playgrounds, etc.
a road covered with blacktop.
pertaining to or surfaced with blacktop:
a blacktop driveway.
to pave with blacktop.
Contemporary Examples

Pete Dexter’s Indelible Portrait of Author Norman Maclean Pete Dexter March 22, 2014
Chris Bosh On the NBA Star-Studded New York City Fundraiser for Obama Allison Samuels August 23, 2012
Jimmy Breslin on JFK’s Assassination: Two Classic Columns Jimmy Breslin November 21, 2013

Historical Examples

The Escape of a Princess Pat George Pearson
The Flaming Mountain Harold Leland Goodwin
The Flaming Mountain Harold Leland Goodwin
A Knyght Ther Was Robert F. Young
Lease to Doomsday Lee Archer
Occasion for Disaster Gordon Randall Garrett
The Egyptian Cat Mystery Harold Leland Goodwin

noun (mainly US & Canadian)
a bituminous mixture used for paving
a road paved with this mixture


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