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the flat cutting part of a sword, knife, etc.
a sword, rapier, or the like.
a similar part, as of a mechanism, used for clearing, wiping, scraping, etc.:
the blade of a windshield wiper; the blade of a bulldozer.
the arm of a propeller or other similar rotary mechanism, as an electric fan or turbine.

the leaf of a plant, especially of a grass or cereal.
the broad part of a leaf, as distinguished from the stalk or petiole.

the metal part of an ice skate that comes into contact with the ice.
a thin, flat part of something, as of an oar or a bone:
shoulder blade.
a dashing, swaggering, or jaunty young man:
a gay blade from the nearby city.
a swordsman.

the foremost and most readily flexible portion of the tongue, including the tip and implying the upper and lower surfaces and edges.
the upper surface of the tongue directly behind the tip, lying beneath the alveolar ridge when the tongue is in a resting position.

the elongated hind part of a fowl’s single comb.
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Historical Examples

The Cauliflower A. A. Crozier
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Quintus Claudius, Volume 2 of 2 Ernst Eckstein
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Mesopotamian Archaeology Percy S. P. Handcock

the part of a sharp weapon, tool, etc, that forms the cutting edge
(pl) (Austral & NZ) hand shears used for shearing sheep
the thin flattish part of various tools, implements, etc, as of a propeller, turbine, etc
the flattened expanded part of a leaf, sepal, or petal
the long narrow leaf of a grass or related plant
the striking surface of a bat, club, stick, or oar
the metal runner on an ice skate
(archaeol) a long thin flake of flint, possibly used as a tool
the upper part of the tongue lying directly behind the tip
(archaic) a dashing or swaggering young man
short for shoulder blade
a poetic word for a sword, swordsman

A knife considered as a weapon; Switchblade •This sense dates back to the early 1300s (1940s+ esp underworld)
A surgeon (1970s+ Hospital)
A dashing young man
A homosexual male


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