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to whiten by removing color; bleach:
Workers were blanching linen in the sun.

to scald briefly and then drain, as peaches or almonds to facilitate removal of skins, or as rice or macaroni to separate the grains or strands.
to scald or parboil (meat or vegetables) so as to whiten, remove the odor, prepare for cooking by other means, etc.

Horticulture. (of the stems or leaves of plants, as celery or lettuce) to whiten or prevent from becoming green by excluding light.

to give a white luster to (metals), as by means of acids.
to coat (sheet metal) with tin.

to make pale, as with sickness or fear:
The long illness had blanched her cheeks of their natural color.
to become white; turn pale:
The very thought of going made him blanch.
a female given name: ultimately from a Germanic word meaning “white.”.
to force back or to one side; head off, as a deer or other quarry.
Contemporary Examples

My Bizarre Night With James Deen, Libertarian Porn Star Emily Shire November 11, 2014

Historical Examples

Ainslee’s magazine, Volume 16, No. 3, October, 1905 Various
Glimpses of Bengal Sir Rabindranath Tagore
Ainslee’s magazine, Volume 16, No. 3, October, 1905 Various
Philosophic Nights In Paris Remy De Gourmont
Marjorie Dean College Junior Pauline Lester
The Field and Garden Vegetables of America Fearing Burr
The Field and Garden Vegetables of America Fearing Burr
The Field and Garden Vegetables of America Fearing Burr
The Romance of His Life Mary Cholmondeley

verb (mainly transitive)
(also intransitive) to remove colour from, or (of colour) to be removed; whiten; fade: the sun blanched the carpet, over the years the painting blanched
(usually intransitive) to become or cause to become pale, as with sickness or fear
to plunge tomatoes, nuts, etc, into boiling water to loosen the skin
to plunge (meat, green vegetables, etc) in boiling water or bring to the boil in water in order to whiten, preserve the natural colour, or reduce or remove a bitter or salty taste
to cause (celery, chicory, etc) to grow free of chlorophyll by the exclusion of sunlight
(metallurgy) to whiten (a metal), usually by treating it with an acid or by coating it with tin
(transitive) usually foll by over. to attempt to conceal something


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