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a book containing blank pages, as a notebook or sketchbook.
a book or pad of blank forms, as printed blanks for receipts or reports.
Historical Examples

Marjorie’s Busy Days Carolyn Wells
The Cheerful Smugglers Ellis Parker Butler


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  • Blank

    (of paper or other writing surface) having no marks; not written or printed on: a blank sheet of paper. not filled in, as a printed form: a blank check. unrelieved or unbroken by ornament, opening, decoration, etc.: a blank wall. lacking some usual or completing feature: a blank roll of film. (of a recording medium) […]

  • Blank-cartridge

    a cartridge containing powder only, without a bullet. noun a cartridge containing powder but no bullet: used in battle practice or as a signal

  • Blank-check

    a bank check bearing a signature but no stated amount. unrestricted authority; a free hand: He was given a blank check in the choice of personnel for the new department. Unrestricted authority, a free hand, as in I’ll support most of the chairman’s agenda, but I’m not ready to give him a blank check for […]

  • Blank-endorsement

    an endorsement on a check or note naming no payee, and therefore payable to bearer. noun an endorsement on a bill of exchange, cheque, etc, naming no payee and thus making the endorsed sum payable to the bearer Also called endorsement in blank

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