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  • Blasto-

    a combining form meaning “bud, sprout,” “embryo,” “formative cells or cell layer,” used in the formation of compound words: blastosphere. combining form (in biology) indicating an embryo or bud or the process of budding: blastoderm

  • Blastocoel

    the cavity of a blastula, arising in the course of cleavage. Historical Examples Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 3 Various noun (embryol) the cavity within a blastula Also called segmentation cavity blas’to·coe’lic adj. blastocoel or blastocoele (blās’tə-sēl’) The fluid-filled, central cavity of a blastula.

  • Blastocyst

    the blastula of the mammalian embryo, consisting of an inner cell mass, a cavity, and an outer layer, the trophoblast. noun (embryol) Also called blastosphere. the blastula of mammals: a sphere of cells (trophoblast) enclosing an inner mass of cells and a fluid-filled cavity (blastocoel) another name for germinal vesicle n. blas’to·cys’tic adj. blastocyst (blās’tə-sĭst’) […]

  • Blastocyte


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