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brazenly obvious; flagrant:
a blatant error in simple addition; a blatant lie.
offensively noisy or loud; clamorous:
blatant radios.
tastelessly conspicuous:
the blatant colors of the dress.
Contemporary Examples

Vice Presidential Debate Live Blog Justin Green October 10, 2012
Murdoch’s American Scandals Michael Tomasky July 17, 2011
Vladimir Putin Wins Russia Election, but It’s a Fragile Victory Owen Matthews, Anna Nemtsova March 3, 2012
9 Works Inspired by Writers’ Love Lives Joni Rendon, Shannon McKenna Schmidt February 13, 2014
The Not-So-Fresh Prince: Will Smith Falls Flat Allison Samuels June 3, 2013

Historical Examples

His Lordship’s Leopard David Dwight Wells
The Outcry Henry James
Captivity M. Leonora Eyles
The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers Claude A. Labelle
Jessica Trent: Her Life on a Ranch Evelyn Raymond

glaringly conspicuous or obvious: a blatant lie
offensively noticeable: blatant disregard for a person’s feelings
offensively noisy


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