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a spectator seated in the bleachers.


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  • Bleachers

    Usually, bleachers. a typically roofless section of inexpensive and unreserved seats in tiers, especially at an open-air athletic stadium. a person or thing that bleaches. a container, as a vat or tank, used in bleaching. Contemporary Examples The Bizarro World Of Iowa’s GOP Convention Ben Jacobs June 22, 2014 Are Beitar Jerusalem’s Racist Fans Ruining […]

  • Bleaching-powder

    a white powder that decomposes on contact with water and has the characteristic odor of gaseous chlorine: regarded, when dry, as a mixed calcium hypochlorite-chloride, used as a commercial bleach for wood pulp, textiles, oils, and soaps, and in laundering as a decolorizer and disinfectant. Historical Examples Acetylene, The Principles Of Its Generation And Use […]

  • Bleaching

    to make whiter or lighter in color, as by exposure to sunlight or a chemical agent; remove the color from. Photography. to convert (the silver image of a negative or print) to a silver halide, either to remove the image or to change its tone. to become whiter or lighter in color. a bleaching agent. […]

  • Blathering

    foolish, voluble talk: His speech was full of the most amazing blather. to talk or utter foolishly; blither; babble: The poor thing blathered for hours about the intricacies of his psyche. Historical Examples In the Shadow of the Glen J. M. Synge The Well of the Saints J. M. Synge The Misfit Christmas Puddings The […]

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