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to mix smoothly and inseparably together:
to blend the ingredients in a recipe.
to mix (various sorts or grades) in order to obtain a particular kind or quality:
Blend a little red paint with the blue paint.
to prepare by such mixture:
This tea is blended by mixing chamomile with pekoe.
to pronounce (an utterance) as a combined sequence of sounds.
to mix or intermingle smoothly and inseparably:
I can’t get the eggs and cream to blend.
to fit or relate harmoniously; accord; go:
The brown sofa did not blend with the purple wall.
to have no perceptible separation:
Sea and sky seemed to blend.
an act or manner of blending:
tea of our own blend.
a mixture or kind produced by blending:
a special blend of rye and wheat flours.
Linguistics. a word made by putting together parts of other words, as motel, made from motor and hotel, brunch, from breakfast and lunch, or guesstimate, from guess and estimate.
a sequence of two or more consonant sounds within a syllable, as the bl in blend; consonant cluster.
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Historical Examples

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to mix or mingle (components) together thoroughly
(transitive) to mix (different grades or varieties of tea, whisky, tobacco, etc) to produce a particular flavour, consistency, etc
(intransitive) to look good together; harmonize
(intransitive) (esp of colours) to shade imperceptibly into each other
a mixture or type produced by blending
the act of blending
Also called portmanteau word. a word formed by joining together the beginning and the end of two other words: “brunch” is a blend of “breakfast” and “lunch”


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