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inheritance in which contrasting parental characters appear as a blend in the offspring.


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  • Blending

    to mix smoothly and inseparably together: to blend the ingredients in a recipe. to mix (various sorts or grades) in order to obtain a particular kind or quality: Blend a little red paint with the blue paint. to prepare by such mixture: This tea is blended by mixing chamomile with pekoe. to pronounce (an utterance) […]

  • Blenheim

    village in S Germany, on the Danube: famous victory of the Duke of Marlborough over the French, 1704. Contemporary Examples ‘World’ Players’ Secret Getaway William Underhill July 16, 2011 Drinking With the Stars: Drew Barrymore, Ramona Singer Wade Into Wine Rebecca Dana July 26, 2012 Historical Examples The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and […]

  • Blenheim-palace

    noun a palace in Woodstock in Oxfordshire: built (1705–22) by Sir John Vanbrugh for the 1st Duke of Marlborough as a reward from the nation for his victory at Blenheim; gardens laid out by Henry Wise and Capability Brown; birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill (1874) Contemporary Examples ‘World’ Players’ Secret Getaway William Underhill July 16, […]

  • Blenheim-spaniel

    one of a breed of toy spaniels having a short head and long ears.

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