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Plant Pathology.

the rapid and extensive discoloration, wilting, and death of plant tissues.
a disease so characterized.

any cause of impairment, destruction, ruin, or frustration:
Extravagance was the blight of the family.
the state or result of being blighted or deteriorated; dilapidation; decay:
urban blight.
to cause to wither or decay; blast:
Frost blighted the crops.
to destroy; ruin; frustrate:
Illness blighted his hopes.
to suffer blight.
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any plant disease characterized by withering and shrivelling without rotting See also potato blight
any factor, such as bacterial attack or air pollution, that causes the symptoms of blight in plants
a person or thing that mars or prevents growth, improvement, or prosperity
an ugly urban district
the state or condition of being blighted or spoilt
to cause or suffer a blight
(transitive) to frustrate or disappoint
(transitive) to spoil; destroy


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