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(often initial capital letter) England as one’s native land; England as home:
We’re sailing for old Blighty tomorrow.
a wound or furlough permitting a soldier to be sent back to England from the front.
military leave.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Glory of the Trenches Coningsby Dawson
A Lively Bit of the Front Percy F. Westerman
Cavalry of the Clouds Alan Bott
Dastral of the Flying Corps Rowland Walker
Into the Jaws of Death Jack O’Brien
Sixty Squadron R.A.F. Group-Captain A. J. L. Scott
Attack Edward G. D. Liveing

(NZ) another name for white-eye
noun (sometimes not capital) (Brit, slang, used esp by troops serving abroad)
England; home
(esp in World War I)

Also called a blighty one. a slight wound that causes the recipient to be sent home to England
leave in England


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