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the ability of a blind person to sense accurately a light source or other visual stimulus even though unable to see it consciously.
the ability to respond to visual stimuli without having any conscious visual experience; it can occur after some forms of brain damage


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    any of numerous wormlike, burrowing snakes of the families Typhlopidae, Leptotyphlopidae, and Anomalepididae, most of which have vestigial eyes. noun any burrowing snake of the family Typhlopidae and related families of warm and tropical regions, having very small or vestigial eyes

  • Blind–spot

    Anatomy. a small area on the retina that is insensitive to light due to the interruption, where the optic nerve joins the retina, of the normal pattern of light-sensitive rods and cones. an area or subject about which one is uninformed, prejudiced, or unappreciative: I confess that operettas are my blind spot. dead spot (def […]

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    stagger (def 13). Informal. a condition of staggering and dizziness, especially as the result of drunkenness. noun (functioning as sing) (vet science) another name for staggers

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    to emboss or impress (the cover or spine of a book) without using ink or foil.

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