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to open and close the eye, especially involuntarily; wink rapidly and repeatedly.
to look with winking or half-shut eyes:
I blinked at the harsh morning light.
to be startled, surprised, or dismayed (usually followed by at):
She blinked at his sudden fury.
to look evasively or with indifference; ignore (often followed by at):
to blink at another’s eccentricities.
to shine unsteadily, dimly, or intermittently; twinkle:
The light on the buoy blinked in the distance.
to open and close (the eye or eyes), usually rapidly and repeatedly; wink:
She blinked her eyes in an effort to wake up.
to cause (something) to blink:
We blinked the flashlight frantically, but there was no response.
to ignore deliberately; evade; shirk.
an act of blinking:
The faithful blink of the lighthouse.
a gleam; glimmer:
There was not a blink of light anywhere.
Chiefly Scot. a glance or glimpse.


on the blink, not in proper working order; in need of repair:
The washing machine is on the blink again.
Contemporary Examples

New York’s Conservative Fracking Ban Jay Michaelson December 19, 2014
Frank Underwood Will Not Tolerate Insubordination in This Olive Garden Kelly Williams Brown February 23, 2014
Why Democrats Should Fear a Government Shutdown David A. Graham February 27, 2011

Historical Examples

Bleak House Charles Dickens
April’s Lady Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
Our Railroads To-Morrow Edward Hungerford
The House of Torchy Sewell Ford
What Might Have Been Expected Frank R. Stockton
The Railroad Problem Edward Hungerford
The Railroad Problem Edward Hungerford

(functioning as sing) a small temperate portulacaceous plant, Montia fontana with small white flowers
to close and immediately reopen (the eyes or an eye), usually involuntarily
(intransitive) to look with the eyes partially closed, as in strong sunlight
to shine intermittently, as in signalling, or unsteadily
(transitive; foll by away, from, etc) to clear the eyes of (dust, tears, etc)
when tr, usually foll by at. to be surprised or amazed: he blinked at the splendour of the ceremony
when intr, foll by at. to pretend not to know or see (a fault, injustice, etc)
the act or an instance of blinking
a glance; glimpse
short for iceblink (sense 1)
(slang) on the blink, not working properly
see: on the blink


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