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blissed out


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  • Blissfully

    full of, abounding in, enjoying, or conferring bliss. Contemporary Examples The Breathtaking Mosques of Istanbul Jolie Hunt January 8, 2010 Gay Marriage Gets Cold Feet Jessica Bennett July 1, 2011 The Great Valentine’s Day Hangover Emma Woolf February 14, 2014 Sarah Palin’s Media Strategy Meghan McCain November 21, 2010 The Gaudy, Gauche and Sometimes Corrupt […]

  • Blissout


  • Blister-beetle

    any of various beetles of the family Meloidae, many of which produce a secretion capable of blistering the skin. noun any beetle of the family Meloidae, many of which produce a secretion that blisters the skin See also Spanish fly

  • Blister

    a thin vesicle on the skin, containing watery matter or serum, as from a burn or other injury. any similar swelling, as an air bubble in a coat of paint. a relatively large bubble occurring in glass during blowing. Military. a transparent bulge or dome on the fuselage of an airplane, usually for mounting a […]

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