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a design printed by means of one or more blocks of wood or metal.


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  • Block

    a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more flat or approximately flat faces. a hollow masonry building unit of cement, terra cotta, etc.: a wall made of concrete blocks. one of a set of cube-shaped pieces of wood, plastic, or the like, used as a child’s toy in building. a mold […]

  • Blockhouse

    Military. a fortified structure with ports or loopholes through which defenders may direct gunfire. Also called garrison house. (formerly) a building, usually of hewn timber and with a projecting upper story, having loopholes for musketry. a house built of squared logs. Rocketry. a structure near a launching site for rockets, generally made of heavily reinforced […]

  • Block-signal

    a fixed railroad signal governing the movements of trains entering and using a given section of track. Historical Examples Europe Revised Irvin S. Cobb State of the Union Addresses of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt The Army Mule and Other War Sketches Henry A. Castle

  • Block-structured

    block-structured language Any programming language in which sections of source code contained within pairs of matching delimiters such as “” and “” (e.g. in C) or “begin” and “end” (e.g. Algol) are executed as a single unit. A block of code may be the body of a subroutine or function, or it may be controlled […]

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