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the isolating, closing off, or surrounding of a place, as a port, harbor, or city, by hostile ships or troops to prevent entrance or exit.
any obstruction of passage or progress:
We had difficulty in getting through the blockade of bodyguards.
Pathology. interruption or inhibition of a normal physiological signal, as a nerve impulse or a heart muscle–contraction impulse.
to subject to a blockade.
Contemporary Examples

We Missed the Moment Clive Irving January 14, 2010
Israel Was Right Leslie H. Gelb May 30, 2010
The Gaza Prison Sarah A. Topol November 20, 2012
Ukraine’s Pro-Putin Rebels Prepare for a Last Stand David Patrikarakos July 9, 2014
Ukraine Expects U.S. Military Help If War With Russia Starts Jamie Dettmer March 16, 2014

Historical Examples

The Bravest of the Brave G. A. Henty
My Double Life Sarah Bernhardt
Forty Years Among the Indians Daniel W. Jones
A Critical Exposition of the Popular ‘Jihd’ Moulavi Gergh Ali
Rulers of India: Akbar George Bruce Malleson

(military) the interdiction of a nation’s sea lines of communications, esp of an individual port by the use of sea power
something that prevents access or progress
(med) the inhibition of the effect of a hormone or a drug, a transport system, or the action of a nerve by a drug
verb (transitive)
to impose a blockade on
to obstruct the way to


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