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the realm of Internet blogs and the people who read or write them:
Can the blogosphere be controlled?
Contemporary Examples

Delaware’s Affluenza Case Affects Justice, Too Jay Michaelson March 31, 2014
Palin’s Gold Mine Duff McDonald November 18, 2009
Tennis Has a Doping Problem Sujay Kumar July 7, 2013
Steve Jobs’s Memorable Moments Alex Berg October 5, 2011
Health-Care Hypocrites Paul Campos March 22, 2010
Is Hugo Chávez Really Back in Venezuela? Mac Margolis February 19, 2013
Russia’s Terror Panic Attack Michael Idov April 2, 2010
Fox News’ Man of Reason Lloyd Grove October 29, 2009
Sit Down and Shut Up Amy Siskind July 15, 2009
David Gregory, Off the Air Lloyd Grove January 6, 2010

(informal) a collective term for the weblogs on the internet
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