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(of hair, skin, etc.) light-colored:
the child’s soft blond curls.
(of a person) having light-colored hair and skin.
(of furniture wood) light in tone.
a blond person.
silk lace, originally unbleached but now often dyed any of various colors, especially white or black.
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(of men’s hair) of a light colour; fair
(of a person, people or a race) having fair hair, a light complexion, and, typically, blue or grey eyes
(of soft furnishings, wood, etc) light in colour
a person, esp a man, having light-coloured hair and skin

Fair hair was much esteemed by both the Greeks and Romans, and so they not only dyed and gold-dusted theirs …, but also went so far as to gild the hair of their statues, as notably those of Venus de Medici and Apollo. In the time of Ovid (A.U.C. 711) much fair hair was imported from Germany, by the Romans, as it was considered quite the fashionable color. Those Roman ladies who did not choose to wear wigs of this hue, were accustomed to powder theirs freely with gold dust, so as to give it the fashionable yellow tint. [C. Henry Leonard, “The Hair,” 1879]



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