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blood alcohol concentration


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  • Blood–and–guts

    dealing with or depicting war or violence, especially in a lurid manner: a blood-and-guts movie. concerned with fundamental needs, problems, values, etc.: The blood-and-guts issues will determine the election.

  • Blood–and–thunder

    sensationalism, violence, or exaggerated melodrama: a movie full of blood and thunder.

  • Blood-bank

    a place where blood or blood plasma is collected, processed, stored, and distributed. such a supply of blood or blood plasma. noun a place where whole blood, blood plasma, or other blood products are stored until required in transfusion

  • Blood–bath

    a ruthless slaughter of a great number of people; massacre. Informal. a period of disastrous loss or reversal: A few mutual funds performed well in the general bloodbath of the stock market. a widespread dismissal or purge, as of employees. Contemporary Examples Obama Is the New Reagan Jeffrey Hart November 3, 2008 Obama Is the […]

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