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stained with blood:
a bloodstained knife.
guilty of murder, slaughter, or bloodshed.
Contemporary Examples

Conrad Black: Tom DeLay, American Hero, Fights The Good Fight Conrad Black October 14, 2012
The Shroud of Turin and Thomas de Wesselow’s ‘The Sign.’ Thomas de Wesselow April 2, 2012
The Letter That Could Set Amanda Knox Free Barbie Latza Nadeau June 10, 2010
The Biennale’s Best Paul Laster, Bettina Von Hase June 17, 2009

Historical Examples

Essays in Rebellion Henry W. Nevinson
Reminiscences of the Military Life and Sufferings of Col. Timothy Bigelow, Commander of the Fifteenth Regiment of the Massachusetts Line in the Continental Army, during the War of the Revolution Charles Hersey
The War Trail Mayne Reid
Columba Prosper Merimee
The One-Way Trail Ridgwell Cullum
The Mate of the Lily W. H. G. Kingston

stained by or covered in blood


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