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one of a breed of medium- to large-sized dogs, usually having a black-and-tan coat, very long ears, loose skin, and an acute sense of smell: used chiefly for following human scents.
a person who is a steadfast pursuer.
Historical Examples

Thirty Howard Vincent O’Brien
‘Me-Smith’ Caroline Lockhart
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, June 14, 1916 Various
City Crimes Greenhorn
The Tiger Hunter Mayne Reid
The White Chief Mayne Reid
Dog Breaking William Nelson Hutchinson
The White Chief Mayne Reid
The Dogs of Boytown Walter A. Dyer
Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates Howard Pyle

a large breed of hound having a smooth glossy coat of red, tan, or black and loose wrinkled skin on its head: formerly much used in tracking and police work
(informal) a detective


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