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bloodless operation


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  • Bloodless-revolution

    English Revolution. the events of 1688–89 by which James II was expelled and the sovereignty conferred on William and Mary. noun the Bloodless Revolution, another name for Glorious Revolution

  • Bloodletter

    the act or practice of letting blood by opening a vein; phlebotomy. bloodshed or slaughter. bloodbath. Informal. severe cutbacks or reduction in personnel, appropriations, etc.: The company went through a period of bloodletting in the 1970s. blood’let’ter n.

  • Bloodlust

    n. Contemporary Examples Video Captures Village Burning, Torture In Sudan John Avlon October 15, 2012 The Face of a Psychopath? Blake Gopnik August 19, 2012 Good Riddance, Gaddafi! Richard Miniter October 19, 2011 There Is No Moral Equivalent to the Murder of Three Israeli Teenagers Thane Rosenbaum July 1, 2014 Has Bond Lost His Balls? […]

  • Bloodstock-industry

    noun the breeding and training of racehorses

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