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to ruin; botch:
to bloop an easy catch.
to hit a blooper in baseball.
a clumsy mistake.
blooper (def 3).
Historical Examples

Everyday Adventures Samuel Scoville


To hit a ball relatively weakly and slowly: He blooped a lob over her head (1940s+ Baseball)
To launch and land a long, curving blow: Turner blooped a bolo to the heart (1950s+)


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    Informal. an embarrassing mistake, as one spoken over the radio or TV. Radio. a receiving set that generates from its antenna radio-frequency signals that interfere with other nearby receivers. Also, bloop. Baseball. Also called looper. a fly ball that carries just beyond the infield. a pitched ball with backspin, describing a high arc in flight. […]

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    Ella Reeve [reev] /riv/ (Show IPA), (“Mother Bloor”) 1862–1951, U.S. labor organizer and writer.

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    adjective (Scot, slang) intoxicated; drunk

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    noun (in Canada) a member or supporter of the Bloc Québécois

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