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a large, irregular spot or blot.
Plant Pathology.

a diseased, discolored spot or area on a plant.
a disease so characterized, usually accompanied by cankers and lesions.

a skin eruption; blemish.
to mark with blotches; blot, spot, or blur:
The floor of the forest was blotched with cool, dark moss.
Textiles. of or relating to blotch printing, or to the colored ground produced by this process.
Historical Examples

Household Education Harriet Martineau
The Shoes of Fortune Neil Munro
The Shoes of Fortune Neil Munro
A Yankee from the West Opie Read
The Rustlers of Pecos County Zane Grey
Lazarre Mary Hartwell Catherwood
The Jucklins Opie Read
On the Frontier Bret Harte
The Shadow Arthur Stringer
Ride Proud, Rebel! Andre Alice Norton

an irregular spot or discoloration, esp a dark and relatively large one such as an ink stain
to become or cause to become marked by such discoloration
(intransitive) (of a pen or ink) to write or flow unevenly in blotches
Any of several plant diseases caused by fungi and resulting in brown or black dead areas on leaves or fruit.


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