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a piece of blotting paper used to absorb excess ink, to protect a desk top, etc.
a book in which transactions or events, as sales or arrests, are recorded as they occur:
a police blotter.
Machinery. a soft washer of blotting paper or felt for cushioning a brittle object against shock or pressure or for increasing the friction or contact area between two surfaces.
Historical Examples

The Voice in the Fog Harold MacGrath
Frank Merriwell’s Races Burt L. Standish
Torchy Sewell Ford
Stories of a Western Town Octave Thanet
Stories That End Well Octave Thanet
Cap’n Dan’s Daughter Joseph C. Lincoln
Secrets of Wise Men, Chemists and Great Physicians William K. David
The Market-Place Harold Frederic
The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Paul Laurence Dunbar
The Million-Dollar Suitcase Alice MacGowan

something used to absorb excess ink or other liquid, esp a sheet of blotting paper with a firm backing
(US) a daily record of events, such as arrests, in a police station (esp in the phrase police blotter)

The daily record of arrests at a police station (1880s+ Police)
(also blotter acid) A sheet of absorbent paper to which liquid LSD has been applied and then allowed to dry (1970s+ Narcotics)


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