Electricity. a protective device, used in an electric circuit, containing a conductor that melts under heat produced by an excess current, thereby opening the circuit.
Compare circuit breaker.
to combine or blend by melting together; melt.
to unite or blend into a whole, as if by melting together:
The author skillfully fuses these fragments into a cohesive whole.
to become liquid under the action of heat; melt:
At a relatively low temperature the metal will fuse.
to become united or blended:
The two groups fused to create one strong union.
Chiefly British. to overload an electric circuit so as to burn out a fuse.
blow a fuse, Informal. to lose one’s temper; become enraged:
If I’m late again, they’ll blow a fuse.
a lead of combustible black powder in a waterproof covering (safety fuse), or a lead containing an explosive (detonating fuse), used to fire an explosive charge
any device by which an explosive charge is ignited
blow a fuse, See blow1 (sense 12)
(transitive) to provide or equip with such a fuse
to unite or become united by melting, esp by the action of heat: to fuse borax and copper sulphate at a high temperature
to become or cause to become liquid, esp by the action of heat; melt
to join or become combined; integrate
(transitive) to equip (an electric circuit, plug, etc) with a fuse
(Brit) to fail or cause to fail as a result of the blowing of a fuse: the lights fused
a protective device for safeguarding electric circuits, etc, containing a wire that melts and breaks the circuit when the current exceeds a certain value



blow a gasket
. Lose one’s temper, express furious anger. For example,
When his paycheck bounced, John blew a fuse
, or
Tell Mom what really happened before she blows a gasket
. An electric fuse is said to “blow” (melt) when the circuit is overloaded, whereas a gasket, used to seal a piston, “blows” (breaks) when the pressure is too high. The first of these slangy terms dates from the 1930s, the second from the 1940s. Also see

blow one’s top
keep one’s cool

see: blow a fuse

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