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blow someone away

To kill; assassinate; get rid of; off: and boom, Jack Blumenfeld gets blown away (1900s+)
To defeat utterly; trounce; clobber: And they blew away some of the best long-distance runners in the world
To overcome, often with admiration; fracture: I read the book and it blew me away/ The cow connection just blew us away


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    blow someone off

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    blow someone out

  • Blow-someone-out-of-the-water

    blow someone out of the water To defeat utterly; SHOOT someone DOWN IN FLAMES: Are you afraid of being blown out of the water?/ Bradlee ”blew him (Tavoulareas) out of the water” (1960s+) To astonish utterly; KNOCK one’s SOCKS OFF: These kids just blow you out of the water with the work they’ve done (1990s+)

  • Blow-someone-to

    Treat someone to something, as in Let me blow you to dinner. [ ; late 1800s ]

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