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(of a picture, photograph, image, etc.) enlarged.
damaged or destroyed by demolition, explosion, etc.:
blown-up bridges.
(of a ball, balloon, etc.) inflated.
overexpanded; unduly large:
a blown-up sense of importance.
Contemporary Examples

At the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a Steady Drip of Toxic Trouble Eric Nusbaum February 23, 2013
The 9/11 Scam: New York’s Disability Disgrace Michael Daly January 7, 2014
How I Got Interrogated by the Bushies John Avlon January 14, 2009

Historical Examples

Best Stories of the 1914 European War Various
Our Part in the Great War Arthur Gleason
The Secrets of a Kuttite Edward O. Mousley
Titan: A Romance v. 1 (of 2) Jean Paul Friedrich Richter
A Diary Kept by Mrs. R. C. Germon, at Lucknow, Between the Months of May and December, 1857 Maria Vincent Germon
Through the Yukon Gold Diggings Josiah Edward Spurr
The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society Upton Sinclair


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