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  • Blu

    blu blue Historical Examples A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff The Broken Sword Dennison Worthington A Collection of Essays and Fugitiv Writings Noah Webster The Bad Boy At Home Walter T. Gray

  • Blu-ray

    an optical disk or an optical disk format for the storage of high-definition video and audio, having a much larger capacity than a DVD: video games on Blu-ray; Blu-ray movies. Contemporary Examples Chucky, the Possessed Doll, on His Favorite Kills—and Katherine Heigl Chucky October 30, 2013 Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick On How Obama Should […]

  • Blu-tack

    noun trademark a type of blue, malleable, sticky material used to attach paper, card, etc to walls and other surfaces verb (transitive) to attach (paper, card, etc) to a wall or other surface by means of this material

  • Blub

    a swelling of fresh plasterwork. Historical Examples Stalky & Co. Rudyard Kipling Phyllis Dorothy Whitehill The Girls of Central High on Lake Luna Gertrude W. Morrison Ulysses James Joyce Acton’s Feud Frederick Swainson English Fairy Tales Flora Annie Steel Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, December 2, 1914 Various Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part […]

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