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blubber butt


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  • Blubberhead

    a stupid, inept person; blockhead.

  • Blubbering

    Zoology. the fat layer between the skin and muscle of whales and other cetaceans, from which oil is made. excess body fat. an act of weeping noisily and without restraint. to weep noisily and without restraint: Stop blubbering and tell me what’s wrong. to say, especially incoherently, while weeping: The child seemed to be blubbering […]

  • Blubbery

    abounding in or resembling blubber; fat. puffy; swollen: blubbery lips. Historical Examples Sketches New and Old, Part 2. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Sketches New and Old, Complete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) The Open Question Elizabeth Robins The Argus Pheasant John Charles Beecham Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930 Various Letters to Helen Keith Henderson adjective […]

  • Blucher

    a strong, leather half boot. a shoe having the vamp and tongue made of one piece and overlapped by the quarters, which lace across the instep. Gebhart Leberecht von [gep-hahrt ley-buh-rekht fuh n] /ˈgɛp hɑrt ˈleɪ bəˌrɛxt fən/ (Show IPA), 1742–1819, Prussian field marshal. Contemporary Examples Barbara Tuchman’s ‘The Guns of August’ Is Still WWI’s […]

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