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having blue eyes.
having or representing childlike innocence.
Contemporary Examples

‘Blurred Lines,’ Robin Thicke’s Summer Anthem, Is Kind of Rapey Tricia Romano June 16, 2013
‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is TV’s Craziest, Most Over-the-Top New Show … And You Should Watch It Amy Zimmerman October 7, 2013
George Kennan by John Lewis Gaddis: A Review Jacob Heilbrunn December 8, 2011
Riots Erupt in Jordan: The End of Absolute Monarchy Christopher Dickey November 13, 2012
The Other Banking Crisis Justin Clark December 18, 2008

Historical Examples

Macaria Augusta Jane Evans Wilson
The Watchers of the Plains Ridgewell Cullum
Tarrano the Conqueror Raymond King Cummings
Pussy and Doggy Tales Edith Nesbit
Hoofbeats on the Turnpike Mildred A. Wirt


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