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(slang) a state of great terror or loss of nerve

A profoundly timorous or nervous state
A profoundly depressed state (1860s+ British)


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  • Blue-funk–in-a

    In a state of panic or terror. For example, Just because the bride’s mother is late, you needn’t get in a blue funk. This term originated in the mid-1700s as in a funk, the adjective blue, meaning “affected with fear or anxiety,” being added a century later. In a state of dejection, sad. For example, […]

  • Blue-gas

    water gas.

  • Blue-giant

    any of the large, bright stars having surface temperatures of about 20,000 K and diameters that are often ten times that of the sun.

  • Blue-goose

    a dark color phase of the snow goose, Chen caerulescens, of North America. Historical Examples American Cookery Various noun a variety of the snow goose that has a bluish-grey body and white head and neck

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