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to roar and be tumultuous, as wind.
to be loud, noisy, or swaggering; utter loud, empty menaces or protests:
He blusters about revenge but does nothing.
to force or accomplish by blustering:
He blustered his way through the crowd.
boisterous noise and violence:
the bluster of the streets.
noisy, empty threats or protests; inflated talk:
bluff and bluster.
Contemporary Examples

What Was Big Labor? David Frum June 6, 2012
Caught in Her Mind: Fiona McFarlane’s ‘The Night Guest’ Andrea Walker October 6, 2013
Ann Demeulemeester to Exit Namesake Label; Kate Middleton Pulls a Marilyn Monroe The Fashion Beast Team November 19, 2013
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Historical Examples

The Child’s Rainy Day Book Mary White
The Hero of Garside School J. Harwood Panting
Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark Jens Christian Aaberg
Ned Wilding’s Disappearance Allen Chapman
Heart of the West O. Henry

to speak or say loudly or boastfully
to act in a bullying way
(transitive) foll by into. to force or attempt to force (a person) into doing something by behaving thus
(intransitive) (of the wind) to be noisy or gusty
boisterous talk or action; swagger
empty threats or protests
a strong wind; gale


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