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big name fan


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  • Bnfl

    abbreviation British Nuclear Fuels Limited

  • Bnnrc

    bnnrc Behavioral Neurogenetics and Neuroimaging Research Center

  • Friedan

    Betty (Naomi Goldstein) [gohld-steen] /ˈgoʊld stin/ (Show IPA), 1921–2006, U.S. women’s-rights leader and writer. Contemporary Examples This Week’s Hot Reads The Daily Beast January 20, 2011 Whither the Women’s Movement? Judith Barnett July 18, 2014 noun Betty. 1921–2006, US feminist, founder and first president (1966–70) of the National Organization for Women. Her books include The […]

  • Bnp

    abbreviation British National Party Contemporary Examples Exclusive: Tommy Robinson, a Prominent British Voice of Hate, Apologizes Nico Hines October 10, 2013 Bangladesh’s Unfinished War K. Anis Ahmed March 10, 2013 They Knew What They Were Getting Into Paul Kedrosky December 15, 2008

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