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to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself.
to speak with pride (often followed by of):
He boasted of his family’s wealth.
to speak of with excessive pride or vanity:
He boasts himself a genius.
to be proud in the possession of:
The town boasts a new school.
a thing boasted of; a cause for pride:
Talent is his boast. It is her boast that she has never betrayed a friend.
exaggerated or objectionable speech; bragging:
empty boasts and threats.
to dress or shape (stone) roughly.
Contemporary Examples

Andrew Garfield on the Evils of Capitalism, the Hacking Scandal, and Criticism of ‘Spider-Man 2’ Marlow Stern September 9, 2014
Bang With Friends Facebook App Won’t Be Just About Sex, CEO Says Anna Klassen February 25, 2013
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Historical Examples

Silver and Gold Dane Coolidge
America First Various
Dame Care Hermann Sudermann
My Ten Years’ Imprisonment Silvio Pellico
The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories Arnold Bennett

(intransitive; sometimes foll by of or about) to speak in exaggerated or excessively proud terms of one’s possessions, skills, or superior qualities; brag
(transitive) to possess (something to be proud of): the city boasts a fine cathedral
a bragging statement
a possession, attribute, attainment, etc, that is or may be bragged about
(transitive) to shape or dress (stone) roughly with a broad chisel
a stroke in which the ball is hit on to one of the side walls before hitting the front wall
to hit (the ball) in this way or make such a stroke


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