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a short, jerky motion:
a bob of the head.
to move quickly down and up:
to bob the head.
to indicate with such a motion:
to bob a greeting.
to make a jerky motion with the head or body.
to move about with jerky, usually rising and falling motions:
The ball bobbed upon the waves.
bob up, to emerge or appear, especially unexpectedly:
A familiar face bobbed up in the crowd.
a style of short haircut for women and children.
a docked horse’s tail.
a dangling or terminal object, as the weight on a pendulum or a plumb line.
a short, simple line in a verse or song, especially a short refrain or coda.

a knot of worms, rags, etc., on a string.
a float for a fishing line.

a bobsled or bob skate.
Scot. a bunch, cluster, or wad, especially a small bouquet of flowers.
Obsolete, walking beam.
to cut short; dock:
They bobbed their hair to be in style.
to try to snatch floating or dangling objects with the teeth:
to bob for apples.
Angling. to fish with a bob.
a tap; light blow.
a polishing wheel of leather, felt, or the like.
to tap; strike lightly.
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Historical Examples

Diana Tempest, Volume III (of 3) Mary Cholmondeley
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verb bobs, bobbing, bobbed
to move or cause to move up and down repeatedly, as while floating in water
to move or cause to move with a short abrupt movement, as of the head
to make (a bow or curtsy): the little girl bobbed before the visitor
(intransitive) usually foll by up. to appear or emerge suddenly
(intransitive; foll by under, below, etc) to disappear suddenly, as beneath a surface
(intransitive) usually foll by for. to attempt to get hold (of a floating or hanging object, esp an apple) in the teeth as a game
a short abrupt movement, as of the head
a quick curtsy or bow
(bell-ringing) a particular set of changes

short for bobfloat
the topmost fly on a cast of three, often fished bobbing at the surface
this position on a wet-fly cast

a hairstyle for women and children in which the hair is cut short evenly all round the head
a dangling or hanging object, such as the weight on a pendulum or on a plumb line
a polishing disc on a rotating spindle. It is usually made of felt, leather, etc, impregnated with an abrasive material
short for bob skate, bobsleigh
a runner or pair of runners on a bobsled
(angling) a small knot of worms, maggots, etc, used as bait
a very short line of verse at the end of a stanza or preceding a rhyming quatrain (the wheel) at the end of a stanza
a refrain or burden with such a short line or lines
a docked tail, esp of a horse
(Brit, dialect) a hanging cluster, as of flowers or ribbons
verb bobs, bobbing, bobbed
(transitive) to cut (the hair) in a bob
(transitive) to cut short (something, esp the tail of an animal); dock or crop
(intransitive) to ride on a bobsled
verb bobs, bobbing, bobbed
to tap or cause to tap or knock lightly (against)
a light knock; tap
noun (pl) bob
(Brit) (formerly) an informal word for a shilling (sense 1)
(slang) Bob’s your uncle, everything is or will turn out all right
best of breed
Bureau of the Budget


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