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a person or thing that is outstanding or excellent.


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  • Cordell-hull

    Cordell [kawr-del,, kawr-del] /ˈkɔr dɛl,, kɔrˈdɛl/ (Show IPA), 1871–1955, U.S. statesman: secretary of state 1933–44; Nobel Peace Prize 1945. Robert Marvin (“Bobby”) born 1939, Canadian ice-hockey player. William, 1753–1825, U.S. general. Official name Kingston-upon-Hull. a seaport in Humberside, in E England, on the Humber River. a city in SE Canada, on the Ottawa River opposite […]

  • Orr

    Sir John Boyd, Boyd Orr, Sir John. Robert Gordon (“Bobby”) born 1948, Canadian ice-hockey player. Contemporary Examples Detroit’s Bankruptcy Raises Questions That Go Far Beyond the City Limits Stephen D. Eide July 19, 2013 Saving Detroit: When a Big City Stops Being Big Megan McArdle May 12, 2013 The Republican Occupation of Detroit Sally Kohn […]

  • Bobby-pin

    a flat, springlike metal hairpin having the prongs held close together by tension. noun (US & Canadian, Austral & NZ) a metal hairpin bent in order to hold the hair in place Brit terms hairgrip, kirby grip n.

  • Bobby–socks

    socks that reach above the ankle and are sometimes folded down to the ankle. indicating or associated with the wearing of bobbysocks; adolescent: strictly a bobbysocks crowd; the bobbysocks generation. plural noun ankle-length socks worn by teenage girls, esp in the US in the 1940s

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