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bodacious ta-tas


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    bodansky unit

  • Bodanzky

    Artur [ahr-too r] /ˈɑr tʊər/ (Show IPA), 1877–1939, Austrian opera director and orchestra conductor: in the U.S. after 1915.

  • Bode

    to be an omen of; portend: The news bodes evil days for him. Archaic. to announce beforehand; predict. to portend: The news bodes well for him. a simple past tense of bide. Archaic. to endure; bear. Obsolete. to encounter. to dwell; abide; wait; remain. bide one’s time, to wait for a favorable opportunity: He wanted […]

  • Bode-s-law

    a numerical scheme that gives the approximate distance from the sun of the seven inner planets but fails for Neptune and Pluto (now considered a dwarf planet). noun (astronomy) an empirical rule relating the distances of the planets from the sun, based on the numerical sequence 0, 3, 6, 12, 24,…. Adding 4 to each […]

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