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the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead.
a corpse; carcass.
the trunk or main mass of a thing:
the body of a tree.
Anatomy, Zoology. the physical structure of a human being or animal, not including the head, limbs, and tail; trunk; torso.
Architecture. the principal mass of a building.
the section of a vehicle, usually in the shape of a box, cylindrical container, or platform, in or on which passengers or the load is carried.
Nautical. the hull of a ship.
Aeronautics. the fuselage of a plane.
Printing. the shank of a type, supporting the face.
Geometry. a figure having the three dimensions of length, breadth, and thickness; a solid.
Physics. a mass, especially one considered as a whole.
the major portion of an army, population, etc.:
The body of the American people favors the president’s policy.
the principal part of a speech or document, minus introduction, conclusion, indexes, etc.
a person:
She’s a quiet sort of body.
Law. the physical person of an individual.
a collective group:
student body; corporate body.
Astronomy. an object in space, as a planet or star.
a separate physical mass or quantity, especially as distinguished from other masses or quantities.
consistency or density; richness; substance:
This wine has good body. Wool has more body than rayon.
the part of a dress that covers the trunk or the part of the trunk above the waist.
Ceramics. the basic material of which a ceramic article is made.
to invest with or as with a body.
to represent in bodily form (usually followed by forth).
of or relating to the body; bodily.
of or relating to the main reading matter of a book, article, etc., as opposed to headings, illustrations, or the like.
in a body, as a group; together; collectively:
We left the party in a body.
keep body and soul together, to support oneself; maintain life:
Few writers can make enough to keep body and soul together without another occupation.
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noun (pl) bodies

the entire physical structure of an animal or human being related adjectives corporeal physical
(as modifier): body odour

the flesh, as opposed to the spirit: while we are still in the body
the trunk or torso, not including the limbs, head, or tail
a dead human or animal; corpse
the largest or main part of anything: the body of a vehicle, the body of a plant
a separate or distinct mass of water or land
the main part; majority: the body of public opinion
the central part of a written work: the body of a thesis as opposed to the footnotes
a number of individuals regarded as a single entity; group: the student body, they marched in a body
(maths) a three-dimensional region with an interior
(physics) an object or substance that has three dimensions, a mass, and is distinguishable from surrounding objects
fullness in the appearance of the hair
the characteristic full quality of certain wines, determined by the density and the content of alcohol or tannin: a Burgundy has a heavy body
substance or firmness, esp of cloth
the sound box of a guitar, violin, or similar stringed instrument
a woman’s close-fitting one-piece garment for the torso
the part of a dress covering the body from the shoulders to the waist
another name for shank (sense 11)

the pigment contained in or added to paint, dye, etc
the opacity of a paint in covering a surface
the apparent viscosity of a paint

(in watercolour painting)

a white filler mixed with pigments to make them opaque
(as modifier): body colour See also gouache

(printing) the measurement from top to bottom of a piece of type, usually ascender to descender
an informal or dialect word for a person
keep body and soul together, to manage to keep alive; survive
(modifier) of or relating to the main reading matter of a book as distinct from headings, illustrations, appendices, etc: the body text
verb (transitive) bodies, bodying, bodied
(usually foll by forth) to give a body or shape to

body blow
body English


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