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body and soul


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  • Body-art

    an artistic practice or style of the 1960s and 1970s developing from conceptual art and performance art and utilizing the artist’s body as both the subject and object in such experimentation as decoration, wax casts, and even mutilation. noun

  • Body-bag

    a large bag made of heavy material and used to transport a dead body, as from a battlefield to a place of burial or from the scene of a death to a city morgue. noun (military) a large heavy-duty plastic bag used to contain and transport human remains, esp those of battle casualties

  • Body-blow

    a blow driven to the opponent’s body between the breastbone and the navel. any action that causes severe damage, losses, etc.: Our business received a body blow in the recession. Historical Examples The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 2 of 2) Ida Husted Harper noun (boxing) Also called body punch. a blow […]

  • Body-beautiful

    noun (usually with the) a beautiful body idealized physical beauty Contemporary Examples This is What Actual Porn Stars Think of Celebrity Sex Tapes Richard Abowitz June 20, 2013 Historical Examples Narcissus Evelyn Scott Married Love Marie Carmichael Stopes

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