type used in the main text of printed matter, generally less than 14 points.

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  • Body-warmer

    noun a sleeveless type of jerkin, usually quilted, worn as an outer garment for extra warmth Historical Examples Campward Ho! Unknown

  • Body-wave

    Geology. a transverse or longitudinal earthquake wave that travels through the interior of the earth (distinguished from surface wave). a permanent with little or no curl, designed to give fullness and body to the hair and to make it more manageable. body wave A seismic wave that travels through the Earth rather than across its […]

  • Bodywear

    close-fitting clothing, as leotards or bodysuits, made of lightweight, usually stretch fabrics and worn for exercising, dancing, or leisure activity.

  • Bodywork

    the work involved in making or repairing automobile or other vehicle bodies. the body of an automobile or other vehicle, especially with regard to the details or the quality of its construction. noun the external shell of a motor vehicle any form of therapy in which parts of the body are manipulated, such as massage

  • Body-con

    noun a style of skintight clothing that emphasizes the contours of the body (as modifier): a body-con skirt

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