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to take an unfair share of (something); keep for oneself instead of sharing:
Are you gonna bogart that joint all night?
to bully or force:
He just bogarted his way into the elevator!
to act or move in a tough or aggressive way:
That big guy doesn’t ask–he just bogarts.
a person who hogs or monopolizes something.
a person who acts in a tough or aggressive way.
(transitive) (slang) to monopolize or keep (something, esp a marijuana cigarette) to oneself selfishly
Humphrey (DeForest). nicknamed Bogie. 1899–1957, US film actor: his films include High Sierra (1941), Casablanca (1942), The Big Sleep (1946), The African Queen (1951), and The Caine Mutiny (1954)
Word Origin

To behave truculently; get something by intimidation: The little old lady bogarted her way into the grocery line/ some hotshot from Brooklyn trying to Bogart a game from the regulars
(also bogart a joint) To take more than one’s share, esp of a marijuana cigarette; hog


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