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Automotive. (on a truck) a rear-wheel assembly composed of four wheels on two axles, either or both driving axles, so mounted as to support the rear of the truck body jointly.
Railroads. (in Britain) a truck that rotates about a central pivot under a locomotive or car.

any low, strong, four-wheeled cart or truck, as one used by masons to move stones.
truck1 (def 4).

a hobgoblin; evil spirit.
anything that haunts, frightens, annoys, or harasses.
something that functions as a real or imagined barrier that must be overcome, bettered, etc.:
Fear is the major bogy of novice mountain climbers. A speed of 40 knots is a bogy for motorboats.
Military, bogey1 (def 3).
bogy1 .
bogie1 .
bogey1 (def 3).
Historical Examples

The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories Ethel M. Dell
Armour’s Monthly Cook Book, Volume 2, No. 12, October 1913 Various
The Golden Age Kenneth Grahame
A History of Chinese Literature Herbert A. Giles
The Book of Hallowe’en Ruth Edna Kelley
The Hearts of Men H. Fielding
Preventable Diseases Woods Hutchinson
A Round Dozen Susan Coolidge
Island Nights’ Entertainments Robert Louis Stevenson
The Post Office of India and its Story Geoffrey Clarke

an assembly of four or six wheels forming a pivoted support at either end of a railway coach. It provides flexibility on curves
(mainly Brit) a small railway truck of short wheelbase, used for conveying coal, ores, etc
a Scot word for soapbox (sense 3)
a variant spelling of bogey2
noun (pl) -gies
a variant spelling of bogey1 , bogie1


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