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a hobgoblin; evil spirit.
anything that haunts, frightens, annoys, or harasses.
something that functions as a real or imagined barrier that must be overcome, bettered, etc.:
Fear is the major bogy of novice mountain climbers. A speed of 40 knots is a bogy for motorboats.
Military, bogey1 (def 3).
bogie1 .
Historical Examples

The Secret Adversary Agatha Christie
Little Brothers of the Air Olive Thorne Miller
The Book of Hallowe’en Ruth Edna Kelley
Sue, A Little Heroine L. T. Meade
Criminal Types V. M. Masten
The School by the Sea Angela Brazil
The Conquest Oscar Micheaux
The Time Traders Andre Norton
A Chinese Command Harry Collingwood
Days of the Discoverers L. Lamprey

noun (pl) -gies
a variant spelling of bogey1 , bogie1

A police officer (1930s+ Underworld)
An enemy aircraft, esp an attacking fighter plane (WWII Army Air Forces fr British RAF)
A golf score of one stroke over par on a given hole (late 1800s+ British)


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