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Czech Čechy. a region in the W Czech Republic: formerly a kingdom in central Europe; under Hapsburg rule 1526–1918. 20,101 sq. mi. (52,060 sq. km).
(often lowercase) a district inhabited by persons, typically artists, writers, and intellectuals, whose way of life, dress, etc., are generally unconventional or avant-garde.
(often lowercase) the social circles where such behavior is prevalent.
Contemporary Examples

Who Would Want To Be A Royal Princess? Not Cressida Bonas… Tom Sykes May 4, 2014
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Historical Examples

The Old World and Its Ways William Jennings Bryan
Ballads of a Bohemian Robert W. Service
Tales From Bohemia Robert Neilson Stephens
Meadow Grass Alice Brown
History of Holland George Edmundson
The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani
Bohemia under Hapsburg Misrule Various
The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani

a former kingdom of central Europe, surrounded by mountains: independent from the 9th to the 13th century; belonged to the Hapsburgs from 1526 until 1918
an area of the W Czech Republic, formerly a province of Czechoslovakia (1918–1949). From 1939 until 1945 it formed part of the German protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia Czech name Čechy German name Böhmen (ˈbøːmən)
a district frequented by unconventional people, esp artists or writers


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    a former German protectorate including Bohemia and Moravia, 1939–45.

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  • Bohemian-brethren

    a Christian denomination formed in Bohemia in 1467 from various Hussite groups, reorganized in 1722 as the Moravian Church. plural noun a Protestant Christian sect formed in the 15th century from various Hussite groups, which rejected oaths and military service and advocated a pure and disciplined spiritual life. It was reorganized in 1722 as the […]

  • Bohemian-forest

    a wooded mountain range in central Europe, on the boundary between the SW Czech Republic and SE Germany. Highest peak, Arber, 4780 feet (1455 meters). noun a mountain range between the SW Czech Republic and SE Germany. Highest peak: Arber, 1457 m (4780 ft) Czech name Český Les (ˈtʃɛskiː ˈlɛs) German name Böhmerwald (ˈbøːmərˌvalt)

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