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a native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
(usually lowercase) a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.
the Czech language, especially as spoken in Bohemia.
a Gypsy.
of or relating to Bohemia, its people, or their language.
(usually lowercase) pertaining to or characteristic of the unconventional life of a bohemian.
living a wandering or vagabond life, as a Gypsy.
Historical Examples

The Rescue Anne Douglas Sedgwick
The Bramleighs Of Bishop’s Folly Charles James Lever
A Little Journey in the World Charles Dudley Warner
Lover or Friend Rosa Nouchette Carey
Twos and Threes G. B. Stern
Paths of Judgement Anne Douglas Sedgwick
Under the Redwoods Bret Harte
Vie de Bohme Orlo Williams
Daisy Miranda Eliot Swan
Travelling Sketches. Anthony Trollope

unconventional behaviour or appearance, esp of an artist
a native or inhabitant of Bohemia, esp of the old kingdom of Bohemia; a Czech
(often not capital) a person, esp an artist or writer, who lives an unconventional life
the Czech language
of, relating to, or characteristic of Bohemia, its people, or their language
unconventional in appearance, behaviour, etc

The term ‘Bohemian’ has come to be very commonly accepted in our day as the description of a certain kind of literary gipsey, no matter in what language he speaks, or what city he inhabits …. A Bohemian is simply an artist or littérateur who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art. [“Westminster Review,” 1862]


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