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to change from a liquid to a gaseous state, producing bubbles of gas that rise to the surface of the liquid, agitating it as they rise.
to reach or be brought to the boiling point:
When the water boils, add the meat and cabbage.
to be in an agitated or violent state:
The sea boiled in the storm.
to be deeply stirred or upset.
to contain, or be contained in, a liquid that boils:
The kettle is boiling. The vegetables are boiling.
to cause to boil or to bring to the boiling point:
Boil two cups of water.
to cook (something) in boiling water:
to boil eggs.
to separate (sugar, salt, etc.) from a solution containing it by boiling off the liquid.
the act or an instance of boiling.
the state or condition of boiling:
He brought a kettle of water to a boil.
an area of agitated, swirling, bubbling water, as part of a rapids.
Also called blow. Civil Engineering. an unwanted flow of water and solid matter into an excavation, due to excessive outside water pressure.
boil down,

to reduce the quantity of by boiling off liquid.
to shorten; abridge.
to be simplifiable or summarizable as; lead to the conclusion that; point:
It all boils down to a clear case of murder.

boil over,

to overflow while boiling or as if while boiling; burst forth; erupt.
to be unable to repress anger, excitement, etc.:
Any mention of the incident makes her boil over.

boil off, Textiles.

to degum (silk).
to remove (sizing, wax, impurities, or the like) from a fabric by subjecting it to a hot scouring solution.

Also, boil out.
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to change or cause to change from a liquid to a vapour so rapidly that bubbles of vapour are formed copiously in the liquid Compare evaporate
to reach or cause to reach boiling point
to cook or be cooked by the process of boiling
(intransitive) to bubble and be agitated like something boiling; seethe: the ocean was boiling
(intransitive) to be extremely angry or indignant (esp in the phrase make one’s blood boil): she was boiling at his dishonesty
(intransitive) to contain a boiling liquid: the pot is boiling
the state or action of boiling (esp in the phrases on the boil, off the boil)
a red painful swelling with a hard pus-filled core caused by bacterial infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, esp at a hair follicle Technical name furuncle

I am impatient, and my blood boyls high. [Thomas Otway, “Alcibiades,” 1675]

Related: Boiled; boiling. Boiling point is recorded from 1773.
To change from a liquid to a gaseous state by being heated to the boiling point and being provided with sufficient energy. Boiling is an example of a phase transition.

Drunk (1890s+)

boil down
boil over


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  • Boiled-dinner

    a meal of meat and vegetables, as of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes, prepared by boiling.

  • Boiled-dressing

    a cooked salad dressing thickened with egg yolks and often containing mustard.

  • Boiled-oil

    any oil, as linseed oil, heated together with driers to improve its drying properties.

  • Boiled-shirt

    a formal or semiformal dress shirt with a starched front. noun (informal) a dress shirt with a stiff front A dress shirt, esp with a starched front; Fried Shirt Stiff, chilly, and pompous behavior; stuffiness: not arrayed in the ”boiled shirt” of formality (1850s+ Western)

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