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Bill (“Bojangles”) 1878–1949, U.S. tap dancer.
[bawrd-muh n,, bohrd-] /ˈbɔrd mən,, ˈboʊrd-/ (Show IPA), 1876–1952, U.S. painter and illustrator, born in Nova Scotia.
Brooks Calbert, born 1937, U.S. baseball player.
Edward G (Emanuel Goldenberg) 1893–1973, U.S. actor, born in Romania.
Edwin Arlington, 1869–1935, U.S. poet.
Frank, born 1935, U.S. baseball player: first black manager in Major Leagues, 1975.
Frederick John, Viscount Goderich
[gohd-rich] /ˈgoʊd rɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1st Earl of Ripon, 1782–1859, British statesman: prime minister 1827–28.
Jack Roosevelt (“Jackie”) 1919–72, U.S. baseball player.
James Harvey, 1863–1936, U.S. historian.
Mary, born 1944, Irish lawyer and politician: first woman president 1990–97.
Ray (Walker Smith”Sugar Ray”) 1921–1989, U.S. boxer.
Sir Robert, 1886–1975, English chemist: Nobel prize 1947.
a male given name.
Edward G., real name Emanuel Goldenberg. 1893–1973, US film actor, born in Romania, famous esp for gangster roles. His films include Little Caesar (1930), Brother Orchid (1940), Double Indemnity (1944), and All My Sons (1948)
Edward Arlington. 1869–1935, US poet, author of narrative verse, often based on Arthurian legend. His works include Collected Poems (1922), The Man Who Died Twice (1924), and Tristram (1927)
(William) Heath. 1872–1944, British cartoonist and book illustrator, best known for his comic drawings of fantastic machines
John (Arthur Thomas)1919–83, British bishop and theologian, best known for his controversial Honest to God (1963), which popularized radical theological discussion. He was suffragan Bishop of Woolwich (1959–69)
Mary. born 1944, Irish barrister and politician: president of Ireland 1990–97; UN high commissioner for human rights (1997–2002)
Smokey, real name William Robinson. born 1940, US Motown singer, songwriter, and producer. His hits include “The Tears of a Clown” (1970) (with the Miracles) and “Being with you” (1981)
“Sugar” Ray, real name Walker Smith. 1921–89, US boxer, winner of the world middleweight championship on five separate occasions
see: before you can say Jack Robinson


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